Ring Side Report- A review of Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Core Rulebook (OGL)


Price – ~$50



TL;DR-This is the basic rule book for the amazingly popular Pathfinder role-playing game.  It’s an phenomenal book that is well executed.  I have a few problems, but nothing that isn’t easy to overlook. 5/5


Art-The art style in this book sets the pace for all the other books in the Pathfinder RPG.  Its a nice style that always looks heroic and fits well with the world they created.  Damn fine stuff.


Mechanics-The mechanics of pathfinder are basically DnD 3.5.  Nothing too risky here.  If you liked 3.5, then you will like this game.  Any problems in 3.5 show up here.  That’s part of the good and bad with building of an established OGL system.  However, Pathfinder is worth the price of admission alone for simplifying the grapple rules.  That right there makes the game worth it.  HANDS DOWN!


Execution- The book is well organized with nice tables of contents and indexes to help you find what you need.  It describes the mechanics well, but as before, some of the minor problems from 3.5 creep into the execution of the book.  These are smaller issues, but they will end up making you go to the Paizo forums to get help.  Another problem I have is the lack of a bestiary in this book.  Most books at the $50 price typically include a small bestiary.  I know that many more will follow, but why include the GM guide and the Players guide together if you don’t include a smaller bestiary too?  Again, it’s a minor problem, but some food for thought.


Book Quality-  This book is well done.  Its heavy, and it should be for the price.  You feel like you get your value for the price.  The paper quality is high, so no smudging!


Final Thoughts-This is a good book.  The problems I have are nit-picking.  Good value for the money.  If you like 3.5, you will love this!

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