Ring Side Report- Board Game Review of Seasons


Producer– Asmodee

Cost– $50

Set-up/play/clean-up– 1 hour

TL;DR- More depth and fun then you would think 92.5 %


Summary– Seasons is a dice/card game where players take the roles of competing sorcerers trying to gain the most power in three years.  The game is an interesting mix of dice and eurogame.  Each turn, a player rolls dice with one extra die then the number of players.  After rolling, the players take turns selecting dice that will give them points, summoning power, extra cards, or energy.  Players then play cards or transmute energy to points(crystals).  The die that is left over will advance the season track a number of spaces.  When the season changes, new dice are used that give relatively similar results except that different energy is available each season.  When the season counter crosses into the fourth year, players count their points/crystals and whoever has the most wins.


Theme–  I play a sorcerer in this game.  I’m not sure if I feel like a sorcerer, but I do feel the changes in the seasons.  Later in the game, you have ways to save up power, but early on, you do feel that the time of the year is affecting your magic.  Later in the game, it won’t matter as much except for making points.  Its an interesting mix of theme and mechanic that I like.  The world made by the cards and the dice is an interesting one that I enjoy being part of. 4/5


Mechanics–  This is a really interesting approach to a dice game.  I wouldn’t say the game is as deep a thinking experience as chess, but if you go in randomly choosing dice, you will lose badly.  It’s a fun game that is always changing.  It feels like a strange hybrid of Quorriors, Agricola, and Seven Wonders;  Its random dice, action choice, and competition for resources.  Even with all this, the game plays quick and is really fun.  It’s definitely worth a look for that alone. 5 /5


Instructions-With all the above going on, the instruction book has a big job ahead of itself.  The book teaches the rules very well.  There is much more going on then what my blub above suggests.  Also, the rules give you different ways to play from an easy variant all the way to hard, complex rules.  There are some corner cases where the rules don’t quite cover, but all and all a well done set of rules. 4.5/5


Art/Construction-Giant dice make me happy!  This game comes with four giant sets of six sided dice, and they are fantastic!  I love dice games, but most use such tiny dice.  This one makes excellent use of its parts.  The cards are standard card stock, but their art looks cartoony and nice.  The box comes with lots of stuff, so I felt like I got my money’s worth. 5 /5


Summary–  This is a fun game.  It has a surprising number of levels for a game that looks fairly easy.  It gives dice randomness with choices the matter, and that is a hard thing to pull off.  My wife and I will often pull this game off the shelf to play even when we have other, newer games to play.  That alone should speak volumes.  This game is quick, easy, and fun.  Go check this game out. 92.5%


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