Ring Side Report- Review of Codex of Heroes for Arcanis

Product-Codex of Heroes

Producer-Paradigm Concepts

Cost– ~$30

Pages- 192

TL;DR-Simply a must have if you play Arcanis 93%


Summary– This is the first hard cover splat book for the Arcanis Role Playing game.  The book starts off with a long narrative detailing how the first arc of Living Arcanis ended.  From this, the book details some of the many different secret societies active in Arcanis.  After these secret societies, the book moves into its true splat book nature by adding several options for each character spanning new races, traits, spells, etc all the way to using old skills in new ways.  The book ends with a chapter detailed how each faith in general worships its gods.


Story or “Fluff”– This book is exactly what Arcanis needs.  Arcanis has spanned the 3.x era of DnD and moved to its own RPG, winning an award at Origins for its debut.  However, lots of its old history is in unpublished, inaccessible modules, and newcomers might be lost.  This book greatly adds to the story and helps newer plays quickly become accumulated with the world.  In addition, Arcanis has always had a strong story component, and this book really helps those who haven’t played through five years of living games get a leg up on understanding what is going.  5/5


Mechanics or Crunch– Again, this is exactly what Arcanis needs.  Arcanis has not had many extra rule books published for the game, and this is a glorious addition to the system.  It provides an impressive amount of crunch in fewer than 200 pages.  And the book ads rules all the way through the game system.  The book comes with an improved character creations sheets that help you walk through the hardest part of the Arcanis RPG all the way through to high level character options.  Hands down awesome! 5/5


Art/Layout-The book is easy to read and well laid out.  The art is all Arcanis in style helping me draw pictures in my mind with ease.  However, a major problem with the art is that some of it is recycled art.  Not all, but enough.  I’m in the world because of the art; but when I can play spot the reprint, it takes away from the book. 3.5/5


Final Thoughts-If you play Arcanis, you need this.  There is no question.  It’s pretty cheap at $30 for ~200 pages, and well worth its price.  I love the Arcanis System, and this book is a welcomed addition to the game.  90%

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