Daily Punch 12-2-13 Harper Background in DnD Next

I’ve been reading a lot of old reams books to get into the latest season of encounters, how about some Forgotten Realms exclusive backgrounds?
Harper Agent
You defend the rights of freedom for all.  You work to prevent extremes in the realms.  You do so in secret.  If anyone know who you are, trouble might follow you.  You walk on the edges of society, but still have to find your place in it.
Trait-Harper Membership
You are a member of the Harpers of Luruar.  You know secret signals to identify other Harpers.  They may be able to provide you extra information about any area you are in.  Also, you are given a pin that  will identify you as a Harper.  You also know a secret signal to activate the magic of a Harper pin.
Skill:  Insight, Persuasion, Nature
Tools:Navigator’s Tools, mounts (land)
Elven and one other
Adventurer’s kit, Harper Pin, bedroll, blanket, common clothes, traveler’s cloths, disguise kit, lantern, 1-pint oil, navigator’s tools, tent, 76 gold, 90 silver.

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