Daily Punch 12-3-13 Using Int to get skills in DnD Next?

I’ve always felt like the intelligence stat gets left by the wayside when you play an RPG especially DnD next or Pathfinder.  How about an optional rule to make it a little more useful….


Optional Rule: Intelligence for skill acquisition

Every character gains four skills as normal during character generation (three from their background, and one (or more) from their class).  However, if they have an above average intelligence (12 o better) they receive one extra skill for each point of intelligence bonus they posses.  When their bonus increases, they gain a new skill.  The skills they receive come from their class skill list, but if they ever get more skills then their class give them access to, they may select any skill.

If a character posses a below average intelligence and has a penalty, they lose one skill.  They may select if they lose a class skill or a background skill.  If they have an extremely low intelligence, they at minimum have one skill.  If a characters intelligence decreases during the game, they lose skills in much te same way increasing your intelligence increases your number of skills.




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