Daily Punch 12-4-13 Arcane Brotherhood Agent Background in DnD Next

How about some more love for DnD Next?

Arcane Brotherhood Agent

You work for a wizard in the Arcane Brotherhood in Luskan.  The reason you do so is your own.  It may range from money to being tutored by a senior wizard.  In any case, you are not necessarily evil, but you work to bring the North under the economic control of Luskan.  However, you may undermine other Arcane Brotherhood agents to ensure your master is the one in the limelight.

Trait-Information and Financial Network

You are a member of a far flung organization that has agents and depots across the west.  You can request information and funds from any place you know another agent resides.  However, these requests are noted and this makes your presence know to other Arcane Brotherhood personal or leaders in the area.  Requests for personal gain might go unnoticed momentarily, but eventually this problem will be rectified.  You know code words and phrases that allow you to find and identify other Arcane Brotherhood agents across the world.


Skills:Stealth, Deception, Sleight of Hand

Tools: Disguise kit, thieves’ tools, navigation kit


One of your choice


adventurer’s kit, bedroll, blanket, common clothes, traveler’s clothes, fine clothes, disguise kit, lantern, 1 pint oil, navigator’s tools, tent, thieves’s tools 44gp 4 silver


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