Daily Punch 1-6-13 Demons Tear’s

Well I’m back from vacation, what did I miss?  How about I get my butt bad to work and make you some stuff form my head!  First up, Pathfinder/DnD items I’ve been thinking about since reading the Adversary.


Demon’s Tears

Slot none; Aura varies with CR of demon it comes from transmutation; CL varies with CR of demon it comes from; Weight 1 oz per dose


This small vile contains a some of the purest, clearest liquid in the multiverse.  The vile contains demon tears that have been freely given by a demon that is truly sorrowful for whatever transgression it performed.  Most demons do not ever produce a single dose of this in eternity, but as the demons grow older and some are reminded of their past and experience a moment of true regret.  All demon lords have a vile either from when they were lower ranking demons or when they arose to their station.  This vile is hidden deep away for fear it will be used against him/her/it.

If you look deeply into the vile, the vile will show you in the waters the nature of the sin the demon is sorrowful of.  If applied to a lower ranking demon, that demon is either instantly changed to its mortal form or destroyed if it never had a mortal form.  This destroys the tear forever.  To change a demon of the same level, you need six doses.  To change a demon of a higher level, you need 36 doses. The power of six continues all the way up to the highest demon of the abyss needed 666 does each taken from a different lord of the abyss.

Demon tiers work across demon types.


Wish or Miracle will not destroy a dose of Demon’s tears.  However, if thrown on the ground or mixed into water, the tear can evaporate with the light of a new moon.



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