Daily Punch 1-7- Devil’s Tears Artifact for DnD and Pathfinder

Yesterday was demons tears for Pathfinder and DnD, today its fair play with Devils!

Devil’s Tears

Slot none; Aura varies with CR of devil it comes from transmutation; CL varies with CR of demon it comes from; Weight 1 oz per dose


This small vile contains a some of the purest, clearest liquid in the multiverse.  The vile contains devil tears that have been freely given by a devil that is truly sorrowful for whatever transgression it performed.  All devil’s produce tears, but catching or finding the hidden tear is harder the older the devil grows.  Some tears are lost as they simple fall upon the ground and are washed away.  However, as a devil grows in power they realize that the tears represent a bit of lost mortality, thus making them more powerful as they become less mortal and more god.  A demon can be forced to produce tears with a Wish or Miracle spells, that first passes spell resistance, then a will save, and finally an opposed spell-craft check.


If you look deeply into the vile, the vile will show you in the waters the nature of the sin the devil is sorrowful of.  If applied to a lower ranking devil, that demon is either instantly changed to its mortal form or destroyed forever if it never had a mortal form.  This destroys the tear forever.  To change a devil of the same level, you need two doses.  To change a devil of a higher level, you need 9 doses.  You may only change a devil to its mortal form/destroy it with a does of one level lower then it.

If a devil is destroyed by devil’s tears they may never be brought back into existence even with Wish or Miracle spells.


Wish or Miracle will not destroy a dose of Devil’s tears.  However, if thrown on the ground or mixed into water, the tear can evaporate with the light of noon sun eclipse.


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