1-16-17 Commanding adjective in Numenera

How about some more ideas for Numenera?  How about the commanding adjective-



You’ve spent time on the battlefield.  Either as a leader or as a follower, you’ve seen combat.  It was not glorious, it was not beautiful, it was war.  You have left that life of constant struggle for the life of an adventurer.  You carry your wounds inside and out.

You gain the following benefits:

Quick Study: +2 to your intellect pool

Skill: You’ve trained in all physical actions that require exertion that are not stealthy ie running, climbing etc

Skill: You are trained in understanding war tactics

Ability: You gain the following benefit

  • Command (2 intellect points):  You’ve learned to to motivate men, women, and others.  As a free action on your turn, you can command your allies to strike a target.  If they do, reduce the level of the target by one.  Action.

      Inability: You’ve time in the service has strained your social graces.  The difficulty of any task involving charm is increased by one step.

Additional Equipment: You start the game with a set of military regalia including one dress uniform, one basic uniform, and any awards you received.

Initial Link to the Starting Adventure:  From the following list of options, choose how you become involved in the first adventure.

  1. You are touring your old battlegrounds to see how life has changed.
  2. You feel you must atone for past acts and are traveling.
  3. You are visiting a former friend from the war.
  4. While you have left the army, you have been given one last command to go to this place.

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