Daily Punch 1-29-14 HIT THE DECK! Positive quality in Shadowrun

How about some more love for Shadowrun 5e?



Karma Cost: 10 Points

You see things that most miss, and It’s save your life on more the one occasion.  When you are targeted by a ranged attack (physical or magical), you may make a perception + intuition (mental) check and reduce your initiative by 10.  If your roll beats the attackers dice roll for the attack, you may drop to prone out of turn.  If this places any objects between you and the attack the attacker fires but misses you completely.  You take any normal modifiers to the perception roll, but you do not take any modifiers due to the type of attack roll to your perception check.  If you fail to notice the attack, you roll defense as normal.  Us must be aware of the attack to use this quality.

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