Ring Side Report- RPG Review Pathfinder Society Adventure #5-8 The Confirmation

Product– Pathfinder Society Adventure #5-8 The Confirmation


System– Pathfinder

Price– $4

TL;DR– An excellent introductory adventure for any PFS player 97%


Basics- Time to earn your stripes Pathfinders!  This adventure is the capstone of any Pathfinders training.  Players get to go on an expedition with an experienced bard as they try to understand why Gillmen are journeying to an old cave each month.  Along the way the PCs and their guide are separated and the PCs must continue the mission alone.  After discovering the mystery, the PCs face off against a climactic battle at the end of the mission.


Story- This is a fun one.  As a GM, I get to learn lots about the Pathfinder Society history and organization.  The players get to learn about the ancient history of the world as well as bits of Chronicle lore.  The basics of the adventure is a dungeon crawl, but the extra bits make it that much more fun.  5/5


Mechanics– This is a fast paced one.  It’s aimed at newer players so the game doesn’t have lots of show stopper enemies.  The last enemy is pretty tough, but over the course of the adventure the party gets some help from their guide.  What the adventure does have is random encounter tables.  That’s new to me, and it makes the adventure more fun. For the PCs the best part of the adventure will be the rewards.  I promise if you are a Pathfinder and low level, DO THIS ONE JUST FOR WHAT YOU GET AT THE END! 5/5


Execution- I liked this one, but it’s got a few minor problems.  The adventure is aimed at newer players. But, most newer players will need some help with their characters and turns will take a bit longer.  That’s not bad, but the adventure has a lot packed into it.  That’s good for experienced people, but for new players it’s a bit much.  Otherwise the layout is great.  Every major person and the last bad guy get a nice picture.  A good adventure.  4.5/5


Summary- This is a fun one.  It’s worth your time as a GM and as a player.  Go out and play this one! 97%

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