Silver Screen Smackdown- The Lego Movie Review

Movie- The Lego Movie



Basics- This movie is stupid simple till it takes some amazing turns and become one of the most complex things I’ve seen in a long time.  The basic plot is Lord Business is planning to do “something” to the entire world with the Kragal.  Our hero finds the way to stop it, completely by accident, and now must quest to save the world across different Lego sets.  Along the way he meets an interesting cast of characters including Batman!  I’m keeping the plot vague because it’s best to just experience it!


Plot- The plot is amazingly simple till it shifts late in the movie to extreme nuanced.  It’s laugh out loud funny.  It tugs at your heart.  It’s just pure awesome! 5/5


Acting- The acting is top notch.  The characters alternate between believable to caricatures, but it’s done when they need to be.  Everything fits and the people make it happen.  Heck, the little random cameos even make the movie better than a random grab for attention 5/5


Visuals-  The world is made of Lego, literally.  Character takes a shower?  Little Lego clear single bits fall out on him.  Explosion?  Made of Lego fire and then Lego smoke.  It’s beautiful!  Some things are not made of Lego, but the reason they are is self explanatory.  Every scene is a new Lego play set.  It’s not a commercial so much as the director using the existing worlds Lego has built.  The look makes me think back to when I was 5 and played with different Lego play sets.  I was hit right in the childhood! 5/5


Summary-I want to see thing again.  I want to go see it again after that.  I want to see this so many times in a row I hate it.  I honestly don’t think that’s possible! 100%

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