Daily Punch 3-10-14 Chosen Feat for DnD Next

Been reading The Reaver novel for The Sundering, and saw a character do something.  Let’s make it so your characters can do the same thing



You are chosen of a God.  You have a direct access to the power of a God…when they grant it

  • Gain a +1 bonus to your wisdom score
  • If you still have unused spell slots, you can instantly prepare a spell that you have access to by making a wisdom saving throw DC = 10+ spell level.  If you succeed, you can cast the spell and take damage equal to the spells level.  This spell uses a spell slot that you have not used.  You may do this as many times as you have spell levels or until you fail the saving throw.  If you fail, you lose access to this spell slot and can not use this ability until you prepare spell s again.

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