Ring Side Report- Board Game Review of Red Dragon Inn

Game: Red Dragon Inn

Producer: Slugfest Games

Price: $40

Set-up/Play/Take Down: 1Hour

TL;DR:  An good, light card game. 92.5%


Basics: Let’s drink after the adventure!  This game takes place after the adventure.  The heroes have saved the day, and, more importantly, gotten paid!  Each player takes the role of either the wizard, the fighter, the druid, or thief.  Players take turns playing cards from a character specific deck.  Each turn a player can discard cards and draw up to five.  Then the player can play one card.  These cards are typically attacking other players, healing yourself, or gambling.  When gambling players play cards to have the last card that says they win the round and take all the money.  When you hurt other players you reduce their fortitude.  Other cards a player can play are cards that you can play off turn in response to other characters.  After your action, you take the top card of the drink deck and give it to another player.  After buying drinks, you drink any drinks you have in your drink pile.  These drinks typically increase your alcohol content.  When your alcohol content equals your fortitude, you pass out and lose.  If you gamble and lose all your money, you get kicked out of the bar.  Last man or women in the bar with money wins!


Mechanics:  The game is a card game and forces you the do the best you can with the cards you are dealt.  Each player has almost the same deck of cards with each individual character having a slightly different deck with some character specific powers.  The character specific powers are a nice mix to the game.  Also, the game is pretty simple to play and is quick.  However, like all card games, the game is a bit random as your deck can be a major factor in if you win.  If you can’t use the cards you have, you will definitely lose the game. 4.5/5


Theme: The game has a decent amount of theme.  The decks make you feel like your character.  It’s not a perfect fit, but the art is nice, consistent, and entertaining.  The names of each card give some nice flavor.  Also, the drink deck adds some theme as each drink has a life of its own.  However, the game doesn’t completely build a world.  Just a small group of people around a bar table. 4/5


Execution: I really like the parts that come with this game.  The card board coins are nicely done.  The cards are of decent quality.  The art is well done.  The player boards are also high quality.  Well done all around. 5/5


Instructions: Hands down great.  My version of the game came with the instructions AND a set of instructions to cover the frequently asked questions and errata.  I LOVE this.  The instructions teach the game well make this a well done instruction set.  Any game that I don’t have to rush off to board game geek midway through gets a five. 5/5


Summary:  When I’m out teaching games to non-gamers, this is the game I bring.  It’s not hard, it’s not complicated, and it’s quick.  All this makes this game an excellent introductory game.  However, if you wanted something with a bit more meat on its bones, then this isn’t the game for you.  But if you want to get just one may game in with your hard core gamer friends and its three AM, this is an excellent game to bust out, especially if you’ve all had a few beers during the night! 92.5%


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