Silver Screen Smackdown- Movie Review of Mr. Peabody and Sherman

Movie- Mr. Peabody and Sherman

tl;dr-  An awesome blast from the past. 100 %


Basics- Based on the smaller cartoons set during the Rocky and Bullwinkle show, Mr. Peabody and Sherman is a family movie covering several different themes from growing up, loving your family, and the relationship between a dog and his boy.  The movie starts with a short movie with a different alien race finding a home.  This short movie has nothing to do with the main movie.  The main feature starts with Mr. Peabody and Sherman going on a short adventure in revolutionary France, then the movie really kicks in gear with Sherman going to school and meeting a bully.  Sherman bits the bully in self-defense, but Mr. Peabody must prove that he’s a fit parent by meeting with a social worker and the bully parents.  Sherman has to make friends with the bully, but in doing so he shows her the time machine.  And, together they screw up time.  Sherman and Mr. Peabody have to fix all of time, fix their relationship, and find a way to prevent the evil social worker from separating them forever!


Plot-  I loved this movie!  A lot of movies based on classic cartoons all too often don’t reference the source material enough.  Mr. Peabody and Sherman’s first act starts with a section that could have come right out of the cartoon it was based on, bad puns and all!  From there the plot get better as nothing is out of place and it really does hit home a great message about family and growing up. 5/5


Acting- The characters felt like they should have.  I watched the cartoons when I was younger and these characters felt like they came from that show.  The new characters are interesting, but they feel like they belong in the world.  All the voice actors did great jobs bringing these characters to life. 5 /5


Visuals- This movie is completely computer generated.  If you don’t like that update from the classic hand drawn style, you won’t like this.  However, I liked the style and the characters did look like they should have.  The movie does take some visual cues from the Sherlock Holmes movies as Mr. Peabody goes into strange meditative state invovling lots of math blurring across the screen.  It’s a novel addition that I enjoyed.  I’d like to watch it in slow motion and see if the math adds up. 5/5


Summary- This is an excellent family movie.  Don’t expect an epic where characters have massive characters arcs like 12 Years a Slave, but for a movie aimed at kids, it covers a lot of ground and make you feel happy when you leave the theater.  If you made me choose, I’d still go with The Lego Movie as a better movie, but this one is an amazingly close second.  My one gripe has to be Odysseus.  He gets made out to be a moron!  But if you can look past one minor character, you will have an amazing ride!   100%



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