Silver Screen Smackdown- Total Recall (2012)

Movie- Total Recall

tl;dr-  We can remember it for you wholesale and not as well! 76.7%


Basics- This is a remake of the classic 90’s movie.  The main character Douglas Quaid has a dead end job that he hates, and to escape the boredom, he tried Total Recall, a mental vacation agency that make you remember awesome events without them actually happening.  Midway through the procedure he is attacked by government goons, and he finds out he’s the only man who can save the resistance with his memories having been previously removed.  He begins his quest to save the world, but along the way he constantly questions if any of this is real.


Plot- The plot isn’t bad, but its not as well done as the original.  The story moves pretty quick, but it’s not as engaging as you don’t really feel for the resistance or the poor like you did in the original. Also, the end bad guy has a somewhat questionable plan and for some reason has to oversee it personally.  That could be a factor that plays into the paranoia that plays through the movie, but that seems too smart for this movie.  3/5


Acting- The acting is ok.  Its not the worst I’ve seen, but I wouldn’t say its the best.  Some great moments, but overall the actors do a decent job more often than not.  No Oscars, but not Razzies. 3.5/5


Visuals-  The is a big budget movie, so the movie spent lots of money to make its self pretty.  However, while this one is good, I almost felt the original was better here too as you get awesome 90’s graphics AND mutants.  Here you get pretty CGI and robots.  5/5


Summary-This isn’t a bad movie, but when I show my brothers Total Recall, this won’t be the version I show them.  Both versions have a undercurrent of paranoia, but this one just didn’t make me feel for the lower class people.  I’m glad I saw this one, but I won’t have much to remember from it. 76.7%


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