Ring Side Report- Board Game Review of Pathfinder Adventure Card Game: Fortress of the Stone Giants

Product- Pathfinder Adventure Card Game: Fortress of the Stone Giants

Producer– Paizo

Price– $20

Set-up/Play/Take-Down– 1 Hour per scenario (5 scenarios)

TL;DR-Maybe one of the better expansions! 85%


Basics-Time to fight Giants!  Players quest to a Jorgenfist to take the fight away from Sandpoint to the giants themselves.  Along the way they will fight giants, necromancers, undead monks, and lamias.  This game requires the base Pathfinder Adventure Card Game to play.


Mechanics- This game follows most the mechanics of the previous adventure card game expansions.  Go through X locations, find the henchmen or villain and destroy them.  This expansion doesn’t stretch the game extremely far, but some of the encounters are a pretty tough.  Also, as each expiation introduces one scenario that has some odd ball, interesting rules, this one features a fight with two villains.  I liked that twist.  It doesn’t feel contrived. 4/5


Theme– I felt like I was an awesome warrior fighting giants.  There are the random encounters like the goblin raid that you might have to deal with, but as the expansions become latter in the series, the rule of removing basic cards really does help focus the encounters you see.  I wouldn’t say it’s perfect, but as you get further in, the random nature seems to become less random.  That really helps the theme.  Also, I really liked the villains and henchmen of this pack.  Their powers really hammer home the feel of epic battles and dangerous foes.  4/5


Instructions-The instruction are ~ok.  The cards do a good job of getting the point across.  However, I really want more to tell me who these people and monsters are!  The rules are good and the cards do have a bit of exposition, but if you want some rule so help hammer home theme, you won’t get that from the rules. 4.5/5


Execution-The art is well done.  It’s standard Pathfinder art.  Most of the art looks like it come from other sources, but that’s ok.  However, after several games, I’ve noticed my cards are beginning to get chipped and ripped.  I’d like heaver cards or card sleeves.  Again, nothing is bad, but watch out shuffling (and you will do that a lot!). 4.5/5


Summary-This was a fun one.  I felt like I was a mighty hero fighting monsters.  My wife and I had a blast playing this.  I felt like the challenge was right.  We didn’t have any character death, but we were down to the wire a few times.  That was great.  While the game does use the same locations several times, I felt like I was moving forward in the story, and I wasn’t bored doing so.  I want more story support to help know what the heck is going on, but I do feel like I’m moving in something. 85%


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