Ring Side Report- RPG review of Pathfinder Adventure Path #58: Island of Empty Eyes

Product– Pathfinder Adventure Path #58 Island of Empty Eyes

Producer- Paizo
Price- $20


TL;DR- Another well done Pathfinder Adventure 90%


Basics- Shiver me timbers!  If you’ve played the last three Skull and Shackles adventure path adventures, the players have won the Free Captains Regatta, and also won a chance to become Free Captains themselves.  To do this they must clear the Island of Empty Eyes and prepare a feast for the visiting Free Captains who will judge the players on how well they have prepared.  This sounds easy, but it never is…. This book also contains a section describing the Cyclopes, popular rumors of the Shackles, and the fourth part of the story continuing across all the Skull and Shackle Adventures.


Crunch or Mechanics- This adventure had some interesting mechanics associated with it.  There players get to freely explore an island and decide what they will do with anyone they meet there.  Overall I liked it, but some things were somewhat problematic like super high DC.  My party doesn’t min/max much, so the higher, single DC tend to cause them to fail. 4.5/5


Fluff or Story- This is a pretty free form story for the main adventure.  If your party needs to be a bit more on the rails, then they will falter when given some freedom.  The story is well done, as are the Cyclopes section and the rumors.  Well done. 4.5/5


Execution- Don’t have to say much here.  Paizo is awesome at what it does, so they earn their score.  Good art, reader friendly, but I could have used a few more section breaks or a better indicated area on how to fix up the island instead of having it buried in the middle of a paragraph. 4.5/5


Summary- I enjoyed running this for my players, and my players had a ball too.  It’s not ship heavy, but it’s a nice break in the standard pattern.  You will have to read your players to find out if they need a little helping had to keep on track on the island.  But overall, it’s a well done adventure! 90%


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