Daily Punch 4-18-14 Spider Silk Gauntlets for DnD Next

How about some webshooters for your Spider-Man?


Spider Silk Gauntlets

Uncommon wondrous item

This pair of black gauntlets are made from black leather and spider silk.  They bear the holy symbol of Loth and are exceptionally light.  Any devout worshiper of Loth who sees these on a non-drow will attempt to kill the wearer.

Property:While you wear these gauntlets, you can cast the spider string spell at will.  The save DCs of the spell is 14.  In addition, you may grasp spider webs without disturbing them or signalling any spider who may live on the web.  Finally, you have advantage on any saving throw against any spell that uses sticky components to ensnare you such as web.

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