Ring Side Report- Board Game Review Trailer Park Wars

Game-Trailer Park Wars


Set-up/Play/Clean-up-1 hour

Producer– Gut Bustin’ Games

TL; DR– Great game not for all audiences 95%


Basics-Get ‘er Done!  Time to enter the exciting world of trailer park management in this game full of crude humor.  The Game starts by naming your trailer park by drawing tiles from three random stacks.  After naming your trailer park, you and all players get an equal number of trailers to manage that you arrange in a circle around your park name.  Once you have your trailer park set up, you draw cards and play.  Each turn you play three cards then draw up to five.  These cards are residents, events, or items for your park.  Residents are worth point.  These can be positive or negative as some residents do harmful things to your park like meth cooks.  Events are single use cards the steal residents, kill residents, or other random effects.  Items for the park are amenities such as a beer vending machine that give you points and prevent residents from getting DUI’s.  After you play your cards, you get pink flamingos equal to the total number of points of your park.  When the last flamingo is drawn, the game is over and the person with the most points wins.


Mechanics-This game is amazingly simple to play.  You play three cards, draw, and your turn is done.  The game is very random, so you may have the smartest strategy, but you could still lose hard.  Also, you have to be very perceptive to see where different cards can be played.  If you don’t keep tabs on your opponents, you might lose this game quickly.  There are no mechanics besides players to keep winners in check.  Some of my friends complain that they can’t see all the other players’ boards very well.  Its fun, by it’s not without its problems. 4/5


Theme-This game oozes theme out of every pore. Lots of funny art, great text, and amazing pictures of trailers all make you think about the funniest redneck stereotypes.  Also, any game that starts by naming a trailer park is phenomenal.  It makes fun of rednecks with gusto.  I’m a redneck, so I find it amazingly funny.  However, you have to know who you will play with.  This game does have some not safe for work themes such as DUI’s and other events that some players might find offensive.  I love it though! 5/5


Instructions-This is another home run.  Any rules that start off by telling you to stop reading these stupid rules and start playing definitely make me think redneck.  Since the mechanics are simple, the rules don’t have much to cover.  So, the rules spend most of their time being funny.  That’s an excellent use of their space.  5/5


Execution-I love this game through and through.  Great cards, funny art, plastic pink flamingos, and amazing trailer park pictures all combine to make this a well done game.  The box is nice, and fits all the pieces well. 5/5


Summary-I love this game!  It’s a great game for some quick fun with your friends who might be the same people you play Cards Against Humanity with.  This would NOT be the game you bring to church group, but this is the game you bring with you to your friends house and you sit around drinking Pabst when you don’t want to think too hard.  If your friends don’t admire toilet humor or want a seven hour euro game, this isn’t the game for them.  Know who you’re playing with and this is an awesome game. 95%

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