Daily Punch 10-23-14 BioGel item for Shadowrun 5e

Tired of mages looking right through you?  How about an option to keep those pesky mages at bay?  How about BioGel from you friends at Horizons!


Item         Avail               Cost

BioGel                    Rating x4           Rating x 1,000


BioGel is a living product that closely mimics living tissue.  A cybernetic equipment can be modified (costing one capacity and 1,000Y) to allow BioGel to be implanted into a specialty compartment that provides give a -1 dice pool penalty to all assensing checks.  The lowest level BioGel is made from bacterial cells, with high levels being cultivated yeast cells, mammalian cells, culture immortalized human cells, and finally the highest level cells are made form cells culture from the person who has the cybernetic equipment.  Each does will last about one week as the cell will die after that point.

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