Daily Punch 11-5-14 Trust Fund quality for Shadowrun 5e

I like that Pathfinder has some Pathfinder Society Specific feats and abilities.  I’d like to see a few of those in Shadowrun.  Let’s make the first one.


Trust Fund

Cost: 2-6 Karma

You’re pretty smart, and you learned to read the megacorps from a young age.  Also, you figured out how to invest in the stock market before you were out of diapers and set up a trust fund to help yourself out no matter what trouble you get yourself into.  Now, you can get a bit of extra scratch each month from those investments.  It’s not going to break the bank, but it get you better than McHue’s for lunch.  You can spend 2, 4, or 6 karma, and at the end of every month of time in Shadowrun Missions gain 500Y, 1000Y, 1500Y from your current stock portfolio.  You may not withdraw the rest of your stocks and only gain this bonus at the end of the month.




2 thoughts on “Daily Punch 11-5-14 Trust Fund quality for Shadowrun 5e

  1. I think this would be better named, “Blind Trust” or something along those lines and the description rewritten to match. Something that makes it clear that the source of the income is beyond the reach of the PC to take or even effect.

    As Wise Investment, the questions becomes, “Why can’t I liquidate my investment?” or “How do I invest more to make more?”

    1. That’s fair.
      Funny story about your comment – At first I was kind of offended by the words Blind Trust. It took me a second to think of the second and third definitions to Trust as in Trust fund! Thanks for the comment now that I understand it!

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