11-7-14 Name cards for the Lord of the Rings Card Game

My wife and I love the Lord of the Rings Card Game.  We play a ton of games together, but we really don’t have any desire to play with others at game store or con events.  A problem with that is, among other things, names can be a problem.  Named heroes can’t play in the same table, so some players have to quickly fix up their decks to play.  How about his idea FFG….



Name/Title cards-  As part of the game night kits, new cards come out that are the nicknames and titles for the characters.  If two or more players want to play Aragorn from the same sphere or just with the same exact name, then these two players take a nickname/title card specific for that character.  These cards could say-Dúnadan,  Longshanks,  Wingfoot, and/or Strider.   Now these same players can play together, tables are not as hard to legally make, and there is some in game effect for having the same cards in play.


I even propose expanding this out for allies.  If a deck has a card like Gandalf and a hero Gandalf is played, then both players take a one time threat increase at the start of the game.



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