Daily Punch 11-10-14 Netherese Shade Sorcerer

I’ve been reading a bunch of old Forgotten Realm’s stuff, and I think its time for the stuff of nightmares to take their place on the world stage.

Netherese Shade Sorcerer

You are the stuff of legend.  You are born from shadow.  Somewhere in your family line, someone was a Shade-a creature of pure darkness who stalked a world of negative energy.  You can now channel that, and it’s slowly consuming you.


Shade Resilience

You begin to get hints of your family history.  At first level you gain resistance on all necrotic energy damage and stealth becomes a trained skill for you.  If you are already strained in stealth, double your proficiency bonus with that skill instead.


Shadows Increase

At 6th level, when you cast a spell that does necrotic energy, you my add your charisma modifier to that damage.  You may spend 1 sorcery point to cast Inflict Wounds.


Shadow Adaption

You are beginning to learn to be a shadow.  At level 14 by spending 1 sorcery point, you may travel from any area of shadow to another area of shadow as a move.  These areas of shadow must not be more then three times your movement speed apart.


Shade Apotheosis

At level 18, you have stopped being mortal and moved beyond.  You are now a shade.  Your race changes to shade.  You now have advantage on stealth checks made in shadow and are now immune to necrotic energy.  In addition, you may now spend 5 sorcery points to cast teleport to teleport as if teleporting to a portal to any area of shadow you know about.




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