Blurbs from the Booth-My time at Heroicon!

Last weekend I had the pleasure to head down to Decatur, IL to run Shadowrun.  It was a blast.  This is the first year for a new con called Heroicon, and they are doing things right from the start.  Let’s hit a few high points:

  • Open table signs-You never know what’s open at a con. Small cons don’t have as exhaustive pre-con sign ups, and this one was no exception.  But, they had visible signs at each table that told passersby if a table was open.  Well done!  A suggestion-Have each table also have an event list with times.  Saw this at AnCon, and it is my favorite organization idea I’ve seen in a long time!
  • Free GM badges-I drove six hours to get to the con. I’m scheduled 12 hours for game demos.  I’m here to make games happen, and I hate when cons then ask me to pay money to run games for them.  Heroicon didn’t!  That already makes me feel good before I even leave my house in Michigan.
  • Price-This is a small con, and attendees shouldn’t have to pay GenCon prices for Decatur, IL games. And they didn’t!  One day with unlimited gaming was $15!  Want three days?  that’s $25.  Want free cold food all con with all the soda you can drink and unlimited gaming?  $60 for the VIP.  I spoke to a VIP, and he told me it was well worth it.  Feeding two guys and myself was over $60, so I should have bought the VIP pass anyway!  Also, FREE GAMING!  You spend money on the badge, and that’s it.  You don’t need crazy extra tickets.  Again, great job!
  • Game Library-Love cons with games you can just play. This one was good, but it wasn’t the GenCon game library.  Those guys/gals are close buy.  Next year you might want to talk to them. However, I was happy to just see a game lending library there!
  • Dealer room-There were a few dealers on hand. There was even a good selection of goods out there with a few people pitching kickstater projects.  Good to see new blood in the community!
  • People- Very friendly, very open, and very helpful. I had just spent several hours on I57, so I wasn’t lucid or in a good mood, but the con organizers all helped me find my spot and get running games like a champ.  That will fix your angry driving mode in a hurry!
  • Magic Tournament Room-If you have a con over a Friday night, you need a Magic event. I don’t even play Magic and I know that’s a rule!  They had one.
  • Game Variety-I ran Shadowrun. I also talked with Paizo GMs, the local Local Coordinator for DnD, Warhammer addicts, and board gamers alike.  Lots of different games make for a good con.
  • Room Price-Had I had a bit of extra cash, I’d have stayed an extra day. Its $80 bucks for a day.  For a hotel that is really decent, that’s a steal!

All and all, this is a great local convention that I can’t wait to go back to next year.  I met some good people, played some great games, and had a blast.  Check out HeroiCon at  and I hope they run this next year!

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