Daily Punch 5-19-15 Acid Wave Spell for Shadowrun 5e

You know what my favorite type of element in Shadowrun is?  Acid!  Almost no one preps for it, it’s a dirty way to get out of a room (the way), and it eats the enemy’s armor to boot!  Let’s build on what’s in Shadow Spells

Acid Wave

(Direct, Elemental)

Type: P  Range: S(A)   Damage: P

Duration: S    Drain: F+1

Why throw a ball of acid, when you can be at it’s center?  Acid Wave sends a wave of corrosive acid in all direction around you destroying everything in your and it’s path.  This repeats every combat turn as the caster’s first action if it is sustained while not hurting the caster.  However, everything else int the area is damaged by the corrosive effects of the spell.


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