Ring Side Report- RPG Review of Shadows in Focus: City by Shadow Cheyenne

Product– Shadows in Focus: City by Shadow Cheyenne

System– Shadowrun 5e

Producer– Catalyst Game Labs

Price– $8 here http://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/144658/Shadowrun-Shadows-in-Focus-Cheyenne

TL; DR– Good summary, but needs a map!  88%


Basics– The previous Shadows in Focus focused on the whole Sioux nation.  Now it’s time to look at one city, the capital city Cheyenne.  This book discusses the people, places, locations, and groups in Cheyenne and how to run a game in the city of the Sioux.

Mechanics or Crunch– There just isn’t any here!  It’s basically edition-less which is nice, but at the same time, I would have liked something!  However, I’m not going to dock points because a book didn’t do something it isn’t designed to do. -/5

Theme or Fluff-   This book is full of fluff from stories of corruption to the different characters who run the dive bar down the street.  It’s got an absolute ton of information that is well written. 5/5


Execution– Want to know how to instantly make me mad at your geography text book about a place the doesn’t exist or exists in such a state modern information is out of date?  DON’T INCLUDE A MAP!  That right there makes me kind of mad.  Sure, I can look up the map of modern day Cheyenne, but why should I?  Modern maps also won’t include any of the new locations you discuss, so I have the painstakingly find the locations you talk about if I want to use your book.  Also, while the information in the book is well written, some of it feels out of place.  This book has all the members on the council of chiefs.  That’s great information to have, but honestly I think that should go in the Sioux Nation book itself.  Sure, they live in Cheyenne but they are much more of a national figure.  And that kind of sets the tone for the book-it feels like this and the Sioux Nation book were written as one book, divided along some lines to keep them equal length and send out to layout.  That’s not bad, but it is a bit distracting.  3.75/5

Summary– This is a pretty short review of a decent sized book.  This source book covers the city of Cheyenne well introducing lots of locations, people, and the town of Cheyenne itself well.  I still really want a map, and I also feel that some of this book belongs in the basic Sioux Nation book.  None of those sins make this a bad book, but it does take away from the awesome parts of the book.  Also, I’d like something mechanical for this book.  There isn’t any real mechanics to speak of, but the book’s job is to inform about the world, not the games underlying mechanics or add player options.  But honestly, here’s what will determine if you buy this book-do you ever plan to do a run in the Sioux Nation and Cheyenne?  If yes, buy this book.  It’s a good summary of the town and its people-even without the map.  88%

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