Daily Punch 8-3-15 Minor Coin of Chance magic item for Pathfinder

It’s almost RPG superstar time. Let’s get the design juices flowing and make a item. Here is my Coin of Chance for Pathfinder!

Minor Coin of Chance
Aura faint enchantment CL 7th
Slot –; Price 5,000 gp; Weight –
This coin is a two faced coin with one side showing a grinning woman’s face while the other shows a skull.  When a spell is cast, as a free action a caster can toss the coin in the air as part of a somatic component of a spell or adding a somatic component to a spell that has a saving throw.  The caster rolls a d6. On numbers 1-3, the saving throw DC decreases by 1.  ON a 4-6, the saving throw of the spell increases by 1.
Requirements Craft Wondrous Item, a coin won in a gambling game;Cost 2,500 gp


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