Daily Punch 8-5-15 Push Past Limits Combat Edge ability for Shadowrun 5e

Shadowrunners want more bang for their buck when it comes to chrome or spells.  Let’s add to their limits to see how that goes.

Push Past Limits

The character can spend a point of Edge to remove any safety inherent in their actions.  When a character with either cybernetic or magical enhancements to their ability scores spends a point of edge and uses this ability, add their the bonus they gained to that ability from magic or cybernetics again to their dice pool and increase their appropriate limit by that same number.  After the result are determined, a character must make an physical damage soak roll using only their body with the damage being the number of hits above their normal limit as the strain on their bodies damages them.  The damage from this ability is physical.  A character may spend another point of edge on any of their rolls to add their edge  to the roll or to reroll the results.


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