Daily Punch 9-16-15 Fell Blade magic item for DnD 5

Fell Blade

+1 , +2 , OR +3 slashing or piercing weapon, rare (+1), very rare (+2), or legendary(+3)

Only the most vile of masters can continue to use these blades.  This blade exudes a corrupting influence  upon your soul, forcing you over time to become more and more violent and sadistic.  In addition to the bonus to attack and damage the blade gives you, the blade does an extra 1d6, 2d6, or 3d6 damage, based on the item’s rarity, to any target hit by this weapon.  This extra damage also reduces the target’s total hit points by the amount equal to the extra d6 damage, and this damage cannot be healed by normal or magical means.  This damage may stack, reducing the target’s total hit points several times.  The reduced hit points can only be healed by a magic healing spell, and the caster must make a DC 15, 16, or 17 Charisma saving throw as part of the spell or the attempt fails and the spell is lost.  The reduced hit point total is healed last, and any magic healing cast on the target fails unless the caster succeeds at the Charisma saving throw.  Any character with a reduced hit point total can heal normaly, but will still have a reduced total hit points from the weapon.


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