Ring Side Report-Board Game Review of Wordariffic


Producer-Gorilla Games

Price– $ 15 but not available yet SOON!  http://gorillaboardgames.com/our-games/wordariffic-the-partyword-game/

Set-up/Play/Clean-up– 20 minutes (3-9 players)



TL; DR-Boggle and Cards Against Humanity’s baby. 98%


Basics-Do you find Scrabble too easy?  Do you want a party game that has the challenge of a word game and the fun of Cards against humanity?  Then, try Wordariffic.  This is an amazingly simple game that combines the two beautifully.  Players start with 10 cards.  Each of these cards have a letter in the corner and a list of 10 words.  Then, one player will flip a card from the draw deck face up and roll a 10-sided die.  The flipped card’s word that the 10-sided die rolled is the word of the round.  Next, players scramble to create a word that best describes the word of the round using the different cards from their hand of cards.  When each player finishes, they yell “WORD!” to show they are done.  Last player to do that is the judge for the round and is ineligible to win.  A player can also simple opt out and just discard cards to get new cards instead of trying to win that round.  The player with the longest word is awarded one chip, and the judge will award three chips to the best created word describing the round word.  Players discard the cards they used for the round, draw back up to 10 cards, and play continues until the pile of chips rounds out.  Player with the most chips wins!

Mechanics-I’m not a word nerd, but with this game, you don’t have to be.  Words can’t be longer than 10 letters, and for most words and rounds, the winner only spelt a four letter word.  That levels the playing field in a big way.  Also, the overall mechanics are simple enough that your average fourth grader could easily play this game, making this a surprisingly educational game.  Randomness and luck will determine the day, and just like Cards Against Humanity, the judge’s opinion might sway the vote far more than the word you put down.  But, this is a party game that plays in 20 minutes, so even a game that goes badly doesn’t necessarily mean a game that won’t be fun. 4.75/5

Theme-This is a party game, so it doesn’t really aim for a theme.-/5

Instructions– The rules are a page, not even a two-sided page.  What I described above is about as much as you need to know.  It’s easy to read, quick to understand, and fast to play. 5/5

Execution-I made an unboxing video of the parts here https://youtu.be/r1DCS1LvMPA.  Overall, it’s top notch.  What you get in the box is amazing.  The cards are good quality.  The chips and dice and nice, and everything fits back in after you open the box and components.  Also, THE GAME COMES WITH A BAG FOR THE CHIPS!  I can’t stress enough how much that makes me happy to see the components have a bag to put it away quickly.  5/5

Summary-I love this game, but a good chunk of you won’t.  Not because it’s a bad game, but because it’s a word and party game.  If you love Scrabble, want a party version for a ton of players, and the silliness of Cards Against Humanity, then this is the game you need to get.  If you don’t like Scrabble, Boggle, or especially Cards Against Humanity, then you will loathe this game.  For me, this is a great game.  I’m not a word nerd ( I love books, but I’m not an English PhD), but this is short enough for me to enjoy what’s here, and not long enough to overstay its welcome.  It’s a great addition to any party game line up.  98%

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