Daily Punch 10-8-15 Shield the Faithful cantrip for DnD 5e

I like characters that protect others.  Let’s make a cantrip for clerics who do less damage but help a bit more.

Shield the Faithful

Abjuration cantrip

Casting Time: 1 action

Range: 50 feet

Components: V,S

Duration: Instantaneous

Choose a creature in range.  That creature get +1 to armor class until the start of your next round, and then choose a creature engaged with the primary target to make a Constitution saving throw.  On a failure, that creature is bathed in scorching light and takes 1d6 radiant damage.

The spell’s damage increases by 1d6 when you reach 5th level (2d6), 11th level (3d6), and 17th level (4d6).


Daily Punch 10-07-15 Awesome Rage feat for DnD 5e

Today, let’s build on the rage barbarians already get.

Awesome Rage

You are a true source of carnage on the battlefield and a terror to behold.  None can withstand your fury!  Gain the following:

  • While raging, you can reduce the number of rounds you rage by 1/2.  If you do so, you gain advantage on all Strength-based attacks.
  • Double the damage done from your Rage Damage class feature.
  • While raging, you have also have advantage on all Constitution checks and Constitution saving throws.


Ring Side Report-Board Game Review of Pathfinder Adventure Card Game—Skull & Shackles Adventure Deck 6: From Hell’s Heart

Product-Pathfinder Adventure Card Game—Skull & Shackles Adventure Deck 6: From Hell’s Heart


Price– $ 20 here http://www.amazon.com/Pathfinder-Adventure-Card-Game-Shackles/dp/1601256949/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1444228580&sr=8-1&keywords=From+hell%27s+heart

Set-up/Play/Clean-up– 60 minutes per scenario (1-6 players, 5 scenarios)




TL; DR-The ships paid off! 98%

Basics-Do you have what it takes to take the crown?  From Hell’s Heart is the conclusion of the Skull and Shackles Adventure Card Game, and it’s a doozy.  Players have to contend with an invasion from the devil worshipers from the north, then fight it out to become rulers of the Shackles.  To play, you will need the base Pathfinder Adventure Card Game as well as the first five adventure decks.

Mechanics-SHIPS!  If you’ve played the first five adventure decks, you keep getting ships.  From the outside, they just look like another way your character can level up as you become increasingly awesome.  However, when you get to second scenario in this pack, you get to fight all the ships you DIDN’T take as they are invading the Shackles!  That right there makes everything completely forgiven.  This adventure pack has many of the same mechanics you’ve come to expect, but the crazy sea battle is just phenomenal.  It’s quickly done, easy to pull off, and an absolute blast.  This pack isn’t a slouch by the way.  No monsters will pull their punches here.  You have to earn the crown, and it feel glorious when you do!  5/5

Theme–  I keep complaining that this isn’t the most theme orientated American style game out there.  However, the mechanics really drive home some of the more awesome points.  Sure you don’t get a full introduction of all the people, but the varied encounters and the setup of each scenario really provide the atmosphere that will keep you in the game as a pirate.  It’s not perfect, but it’s as good as you’re going to get without a guide.  4.5/5

Instructions– The game has set itself up well, and at this point is just taking a victory lap.  All the previous adventure packs and base game set up the pieces and instructions, and this one just knocks it out of the park.  All the rules are easy to follow, and the scenarios fall into piece from there. 5/5

Execution-I like the art to this game, the cards are in good shape, and I don’t have to destroy the packaging to get at the components.  That’s all I can ask for in a card game! 5/5

Summary-Paizo had me hooked a long time ago when I bought this adventure path’s starter set.  Once you’re in for $60, unless something is completely horrible, you’re going to pay the additional $100 across five other packs to get the whole game.  Since I was $80 in before the last pack, this one could have been absolute crap and I’d most likely still have bought it to complete my set.  However, this one is the best part of the whole path.  You have ship battles, you have mass naval combat ( something I didn’t think i’d see!), secret missions into the heart of the fortress, a stalking dragon (that makes the blessing deck a terrible, mind numbing, scary ordeal!), and an epic final battle with the pirate king.  This is everything I wanted this AP to be, and I got more.  If you were not sure about playing the Pathfinder adventure card game before, this is the reason you play this game.  I promise you will enjoy it!  98%

Daily Punch 10-05-15 Improved Raging Blood feat for Pathfinder

You can dabble as a bloodrager from a sorcerer, but let’s build on that a bit.

Improved Raging Blood

You strengthen the rage in your soul, fueling the fire in your heart.

Prerequisite: Raging Blood, 8th level

Benefit: You gain a 4th level bloodline power from the same bloodline as the one you selected when you took Raging Blood.  Increase the number of rounds you can be in a bloodrage by 2, and the bloodrage you can enter is exactly the same as a normal Bloodrager with all the same penalties and bonuses provided by the bloodrage ability.


Daily Punch 10-02-15 Dual Socket module for Shadowrun 5e

We all have that friend who have has splitter on a splitter on a splitter when it comes to his jankey old laptop’s USB.  You know that would happen in the 6th world, so let’s get those rule out there.

Module Availibility Cost
Dual Socket 5 4,000Y

Dual Socket

This module is a splitter module.  When placed in a module slot, the module slot can now contain two different modules.  No deck can ever benefit from the same module twice.  When a deck is dealt damage, for each dual socket module in the deck increase the net damage by 1.


Daily Punch 10-01-15 Rogue AI positive quality for Shadowrun 5e

I recently finished reading Data Trails.  In it, the book mentions how some people tame AIs to work for them.  I think a technomancer should be able to do that.  Let’s make that happen!

Rogue AI Sprite

Cost: 10 karma

Requirement: technomancer

You play with digital fire.  You’ve found where the wild thing are on the net, and you’ve joined their wild rumpus…. and you came back unscathed.  Now, you know where the digital monsters live, and you’ve learned how to make friends with some of the most feral creatures this side of a keyboard.  When you create a sprite, you can instead tame a rogue AI.  The AI can not be registered, but can be compiled as normal with all thresholds for compiling the sprite being chosen at generation except that sprite will take twice as long to compile as you have to actively find the type of AI you want and generate a working relationship.  The type of the AI is exactly the same as the type of sprite you would have generated except the level is one higher than the type you would have registered due to the AI’s more impressive nature.  You may continue to do this process, but if you intentionally mistreat your AI sprites, eventually the AIs will not answer you digital summons.


Ring Side Report- RPG Review of Data Trails

Product-Data Trails

System– Shadowrun 5e

Producer– Catalyst Game Labs

Price– $25  here http://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/150001/Shadowrun-Data-Trails?affiliate_id=658618


TL; DR– Great flavor, but almost no crunch! 82%

Basics-Want to ride the matrix?  Want to be a digital cowboy?  This is the new book for you covering how the matrix of 2076 works and the new toys to play on this matrix. It also provides a brief history of AI.  The book adds new cyberdecks, add-ons to all the matrix toys out there, new qualities, and even has a section on how to play an AI character.

Theme or Fluff-Let’s start things a bit different than most of the reviews I write.  Let’s focus on the theme first.  Of all the things Catalyst does, covering the story of their world is the absolute best thing they do.  This book has tons of world building elements: all the fiddly bits of the 6th World’s wide web, covering how the matrix works, how it’s made, how to interact with it, its history, and providing me with extra story bits for any games I run.  Every aspect of the world gets a bit built on it.  For the SR vets out there, this book might be a little overkill.  However, for anyone who hopped on in Shadowrun 5th edition, this is an absolute essential to provide some much needed history and context to how people use the internet of the future. 4.75/5

Mechanics or Crunch-I started with theme, but theme shows how much this book is missing from its crunch.  The book adds an impressive amount of story but doesn’t really have the mechanics to back it up.  For your average decker, what’s here is good.  You get new toys and add-ons to all the old toys to keep you fairly happy.  However, even there you don’t get near as much as the other gear books.  Technomancers get even less.  For the rest of the 6th world, it’s not entirely worth it aside from a good reference on how the basics of the matrix work.  But the best example of how mechanics don’t back up fluff is in how different matrix hosts work and defend themselves.  A good chunk of one chapter is spent on how different companies defend their hosts.  But, no real mechanics are given either identifying what type of ICE is used or how they attack.  Furthermore, I’m glad I got a good briefing on how AI altered the matrix, but including a section on how to play them is pretty much useless for the majority of GM and players.  If they included that as its own small book, I’d buy it in an instant.  As a section in a core book, it’s just not a  great use of space. 4/5

Execution– The thing Catalyst doesn’t do well is format their books.  First and foremost, a book by Catalyst is only useful if you’ve completely read the book before and memorized the general locations of things in the book.  As a quick reference to thumb through, you will be lost.  The chapters are not named in a way that helps the reader, the book doesn’t have an index, and none of the new additions have a quick reference area to speed use later on.  Catalyst knows how to write fiction, but their fiction bleeds a bit too much into their mechanics.  In sections discussing how to create an AI or a host, the first part of the chapter will be the world story of it, and the second part will be the mechanics of it.  But, nowhere in the middle will it give the firm shift of when one section ends and the other begins.  All of those things are hard negatives, but what is here does read quickly and is enjoyable.  The back and forth of the characters is fun while drawing the reader in deeper.  This isn’t the best book I’ve read, but it’s a decent overall book. 3.5/5

Summary-Here is the quick question to help you decide if you need this book: do you spend most of your Shadowrun time in the matrix?  If yes, then you buy this book.  If no, maybe you’re good with what’s in the base book.  As someone who’s deeply invested in the 6th world, I loved learning about the new wireless net.  I just wasn’t overwhelmed by some significant parts of the book.  I’m glad I know how to run an AI now, but odds are good I never will, especially as someone who almost exclusively focuses on Shadowrun Missions.  I’d also like Catalyst Game Labs to overhaul their books a bit and really change some aspects of production to help the readers find what they need more quickly.  Making those changes will really make me love their books. With that said, as someone who loves Shadowrun and the matrix in particular, I’m glad I got this book, even if I can’t use chunks of it. 82%

Daily Punch 9-30-15 Alchemist arcane tradition for DnD 5e

Why not bottle your spells instead of casting them?  Let’s make a new Arcane Tradition for Wizards in DnD 5e.


You’ve learned to cast your spells as a wizard, but have found a better way cast them-by bottling them!  Every morning you wake up an in the time it take others to memorize their spells, you instead brew them instead.


Beginning at 2nd level, you no longer memorize spells after a long rest.  Instead, you brew them.  Each morning you have to select exactly what spells you will cast that that day instead of memorizing a number of spells and you brew these spells into spell potions.  When these spell potions are cast, you throw the bottle to an equal range as the normal spells up to 60 feet.  The spell save DC is equal to 8 + your intelligence modifier + your proficiency bonus and spell attack bonus is your intelligence modifier + your proficiency bonus, regardless of who uses the spell potion.  You can copy down any wizards spell from another spellbook in to your spellbook, but no wizard can copy from yours as you now copy the formula of the spell instead.  When you take a short rest to regain spells, you can brew any spell potions you know from your spellbook as apposed to the normal rules for arcane recovery.  Any material components are used in the brewing of these spells.  Any effects the provide additional spells or spell slots simple provide you the opportunity to brew more spell potions.  These spell potions expire after 24 hours or when your brew new potions.

Potion Master

Beginning at 2nd level, you can now know the herbalist feat from the players hand book.  You brew potions for half the cost, but can only brew a number of potion equal to your intelligence modifier this way per day.

Hand-Off Casting

Starting at 6th level, you’ve perfected your spells to a point where now anyone who uses your potions.  After you brew your potions for the day, you can hand any number of them to another character, and they can cast the spell just as if they used the potion.  These spell potions can be handed at any time through the day, and this follows the normal rules for exchanging items.  Any spell with a target of Self can be used by any character who drinks a potion brewed by you.

Mix Master

Starting at 10th level, you can take two different spell potions and mix them to brew a third, different spell potion you had not prepared today but have in your spellbook.  You lose the two spell potions, but gain a different spell potion.  This is done as a bonus action on your turn and can be done an unlimited number of times per day.

Carry Over

Starting at 14th level, you’ve learned the real meaning of waste not want not.  Every day, you can carry over a number of spell potions equal to your intelligence modifier.  These potions can be of any level, but must have been brewed in the last 24 hours and before your last long rest.


Ring Side Report-Board Game Review of Pathfinder Adventure Card Game—Skull & Shackles Adventure Deck 5: The Price of Infamy

Product-Pathfinder Adventure Card Game—Skull & Shackles Adventure Deck 5: The Price of Infamy


Price– $ 20 here http://www.amazon.com/Pathfinder-Adventure-Card-Game-Shackles/dp/1601256930/ref=sr_1_fkmr0_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1443666157&sr=8-3-fkmr0&keywords=Pathfinder+Adventure+Card+Game%E2%80%94Skull+%26+Shackles+Adventure+Deck+5%3A+The+Price+of+Infamy

Set-up/Play/Clean-up– 60 minutes per scenario (1-6 players, 5 scenarios)




TL; DR-Fun, but a bit more of the same. 94%

Basics-It’s time to end this!  In the Price of Infamy, your constant enemy Harrigan is bringing the fight to you.  Now, you’re going to end this once and for all.  Can you gather enough friends to destroy his armada and go to his base to wipe him out in time?  This expansion uses the base rules from the pathfinder adventure card game-Skull and Shackles.

Mechanics-Much of this game will play out like the other scenarios.  You have scenarios where you have to beat bosses in an order, you have scenarios where you have fewer locations than normal, and scenarios where you have more than normal .  Overall, it’s not the most novel of the quests, but it is fun.  The major addition to this pack is the final fight where you replace every ally at any location with more monsters.  That is fun and new.  It’s good, but not much more than you’ve seen before.. 4.5/5

Theme-Theme is something the Adventure card game struggles with.  It’s hard to tell a story on less than 30 cards.  This one does add some interesting twists, but if you don’t have the cliffsnotes version of the plot, you won’t get as much as you might otherwise.  This back does have some good locations like Dagon’s Teeth.  In this location, you divide the location deck into two smaller decks-just like the islands themselves from the adventure path.  It’s the little touches that really make this a fun game. 4.25/5

Instructions– The rules for this pack are great.  I wasn’t confused at all, and I was able to assemble my  location decks quickly and easily.. 5/5

Execution-Ever since Paizo produced side opening backs, I have been in absolute love with this game.  The cards are good stock, the art is great, and the price is right. 5/5

Summary-Here is the thing with a mid-path pack-unless I tell you that this pack sets your cats on fire, you are most likely going to buy it if you’ve come this far.  If you like the Skull and Shackles path, you will like this part of it.  It’s a bit samey as the mechanics can only go so far, and I want a bit more story for the game.  But, overall it’s done well and was a blast to play.  It’s five good scenarios that play quickly and are great to run though.  It’s produced excellently, and the instruction do their job well to teach me how to play.  My only complaint is I’d like more, and of the complaints there are, that’s the best kind to have.94%