Daily Punch 9-30-15 Alchemist arcane tradition for DnD 5e

Why not bottle your spells instead of casting them?  Let’s make a new Arcane Tradition for Wizards in DnD 5e.


You’ve learned to cast your spells as a wizard, but have found a better way cast them-by bottling them!  Every morning you wake up an in the time it take others to memorize their spells, you instead brew them instead.


Beginning at 2nd level, you no longer memorize spells after a long rest.  Instead, you brew them.  Each morning you have to select exactly what spells you will cast that that day instead of memorizing a number of spells and you brew these spells into spell potions.  When these spell potions are cast, you throw the bottle to an equal range as the normal spells up to 60 feet.  The spell save DC is equal to 8 + your intelligence modifier + your proficiency bonus and spell attack bonus is your intelligence modifier + your proficiency bonus, regardless of who uses the spell potion.  You can copy down any wizards spell from another spellbook in to your spellbook, but no wizard can copy from yours as you now copy the formula of the spell instead.  When you take a short rest to regain spells, you can brew any spell potions you know from your spellbook as apposed to the normal rules for arcane recovery.  Any material components are used in the brewing of these spells.  Any effects the provide additional spells or spell slots simple provide you the opportunity to brew more spell potions.  These spell potions expire after 24 hours or when your brew new potions.

Potion Master

Beginning at 2nd level, you can now know the herbalist feat from the players hand book.  You brew potions for half the cost, but can only brew a number of potion equal to your intelligence modifier this way per day.

Hand-Off Casting

Starting at 6th level, you’ve perfected your spells to a point where now anyone who uses your potions.  After you brew your potions for the day, you can hand any number of them to another character, and they can cast the spell just as if they used the potion.  These spell potions can be handed at any time through the day, and this follows the normal rules for exchanging items.  Any spell with a target of Self can be used by any character who drinks a potion brewed by you.

Mix Master

Starting at 10th level, you can take two different spell potions and mix them to brew a third, different spell potion you had not prepared today but have in your spellbook.  You lose the two spell potions, but gain a different spell potion.  This is done as a bonus action on your turn and can be done an unlimited number of times per day.

Carry Over

Starting at 14th level, you’ve learned the real meaning of waste not want not.  Every day, you can carry over a number of spell potions equal to your intelligence modifier.  These potions can be of any level, but must have been brewed in the last 24 hours and before your last long rest.


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