Daily Punch 12-10-15 Bombardier Expert Path for Shadow of the Demon Lord



It was a pleasure to burn!  Bombardiers are the children who liked to spend a little to much time in school, and were the people who liked to watch fireworks a bit to closely.  You’ve seen how the fire ticked, and now you can make it dance to your own tune.


d6 Story Development
1 You’ve spent days upon days reading about the secrets of fire and have learned to master it.
2 A traveling alchemist came to your village and you learned his secrets when he was at the town fair.
3 You liked to take apart your fathers explosive he used for his job.
4 You were burned as a child and learned the secrets of fire.
5 You were apprenticed to a local demolition team.
6 You’ve just know how to mix the powders to make the fire dance.


Attributes increase two by 1

Characteristics Health +3, Power +1

Languages and Professions You can speak another language and add an academic profession.

Magic You discover a tradition or learn one spell

The Mystery of Fire You have learned and mastered the mysteries of fire powders.  As an action, you can change a spell into a bomb.  This bomb uses all the traits of a bomb from pages 27 of the Demon Lord’s Companion.  For each level of spell sacrificed in this way, you make one bomb.  These bombs will only last for 24 hours at which point they become inert components.


Characteristics Health +3, Power +1

Magic You discover a tradition or learn one spell

All Your Fingers There are only two kinds of people in your line of work-the good and the dead.  You gain a boon on all rolls to avoid fire and explosive damage from both magic and mundane sources.  In addition, reduce all damage you take from fire and explosive by half.


Characteristics Health +3, Power +1

Magic You discover a tradition or learn one spell

Ground Zero You’ve learned how to avoid blasts like the best.  When you use a bomb and are in the blast, you no longer take damage from your own bombs.  Furthermore, any mechanical, non-magic device you use that has a change to harm you through a failed roll deal half as much damage as before.  This effect stacks with All Your Fingers.



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