Ring Side Report- RPG Review ofDemon Lord’s Companion

Product-Demon Lord’s Companion

System– Shadow of the Demon Lord

Producer– Schwalb Entertainment

Price– $ 10 here http://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/168258/Demon-Lords-Companion?src=slider_view&affiliate_id=658618

TL; DR-The best DLC I’ve downloaded all year! 100%


Basics-OPTIONS!  Have you already gotten tired of all the options in the core Shadow of the Demon Lord book?  Odds are not, but here is a new book with races, master and expert paths, new items both magical and mundane, magic traditions, and even more rules for parts of the game not covered in the basic book like vehicles.

Mechanics or Crunch-This is an amazing book for what it adds.  Every one of these pages is crunch.  From the new spells to the rules for how to drive in this game, no space is wasted that doesn’t add to the world.  New races are added such as halflings and fauns, new traditions such as alchemy are added, and tons of new items are brought into the world. This might be one of my favorite splat books to a system I’ve read in a long time. 5/5


Theme or Fluff-Now I don’t expect much from a splat book in terms of theme, but this one delivers!  Let’s look at two things to drive home this point.  First are story complications.  These are new character additions that provide a detriment and a bonus.  They almost function like zero-level feats.  You get horrific problems for bonuses that directly come from this problem.  An example is you might be ever-so-slightly possessed, but you can also talk to that demon to get bits of lore and knowledge.  That’s pure Demon Lord’s Shadow right there.  Second, let’s look at azeen.  Azeen are foot long worms, that you place in your face or another large orifice and let it crawl/tare inside you.  It gives you a whip that you can spring from your hands as an attack.  Randomly, in the next 20 days you will crap your pants as the worm violently dies and is violently shot from your body.  This is a new forbidden item with strong benefits, horrific complications, and a corrupting influence.  Again, this is mainline Shadows of the Demon Lord with full descriptions of horror building up the mechanics  with solid storytelling.  Absolutely beautiful! 5/5

Execution-This book only comes out as a PDF currently.  However, what makes this interestingly is the price, pictures, and writing.  Comparing this book to other splat books, DLC is hands down the best I’ve seen in awhile.  This book is 50+ pages for 10 bucks.  That blows Paizo out of the water!  I get a book full of character options, game rules, and monsters that is layed out properly, reads quickly, and is fun for less than half of some other books. 5/5

Summary– I didn’t ask for more options for Shadows of the Demon Lord, but I have wondered about some specific content.  And this book delivered on all of it.  Want some more steampunk?  Well we’ve got airships and even guns now.  Want more magic?  Well now there is fauns and other magic traditions.  Heck, you want to get some Kung Fu in your Demon’s Shadow?  Now you can. Crouching tiger, hidden demon away!  Everything fits in this book.  It’s all from the very mouth of the Dark Hobo himself.  It’s a great value, full of pictures to inspire, and quick pleasure to read.  This book is well worth your time and money. 100%

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