Ring Side Report-Board Game Review of One Night Ultimate Vampire


Product-One Night Ultimate Vampire

ProducerBezier Games

Price– $25  here http://www.amazon.com/Night-Ultimate-Vampire-Board-Game/dp/B013TRQSWY/ref=sr_1_1?s=toys-and-games&ie=UTF8&qid=1454300120&sr=1-1&keywords=one+night+ultimate+vampire

Set-up/Play/Clean-up– 10 minutes (3-10 players!)



TL; DR-Even I get to play! 96%


Basics-Are you a vampire?  One Night Ultimate Vampire is the latest instalment of the hit Werewolf franchise.  In this incantation, players all are members of a village plagued by vampires.  During set up, players elected a number of different roles for the players to take equal to the number of players plus three.  Each player get a secret role card as well as a mark of clarity.  This is a token that states you have no effects currently on your characters.  The three unused roles are set in the middle of the table, but not revealed to the players.  Then all players close their eyes.  Much like One Night Ultimate Werewolf, there is an IOs and Android app that the players can use to have an automated game master.    Each of these characters all have different actions that the computer will tell you when to take them.   The computer will then move through the roles, and one by one tell the characters to take their actions and when.  These actions range from the vampires all selecting another, non-vampire and changing that characters face down mark of clarity for a bite mark.  That character is now a vampire!  Another action could be the priest.  That character removed his or her current mark, unseen, and takes a mark of clarity for himself/herself and another character as well.  Midway through the game, the players look at their current marks, and then close their eyes again.  Other characters and roles then take their actions such as the marksmen who then looks at one players mark and another player’s card.  Once all characters have taken their actions, the game instructs you to wake up and to choose a player to kill!  If members of the village team kill a vampire, they win!  If the vampires all survive, then they win.  But, the game throws monkey wrenches into things like an assassin who isn’t a villager, but has to convince the town to kill his/her target to win.


Mechanics– This game is pure, orchestrated chaos and that is beautiful!  Every player gets a role and action.  No player just sits tight is a pure improvement of the game.  All the actions are simple, and what happens to your character is pretty simple as well.  This game takes less than 10 minutes to play, and that’s’ hard to pull off with up to 10 people!  However the best part for me is that all people get to play.  Instead of me running the game and not being able to play, the app makes this a fun experience for everyone you can find!  This is the definition of simple, fast, party fun.  5/5

Theme–  So the game is pretty strange, but  honestly you will have a blast and feel tension.  This game has honest to god tention!  You try so hard to do your action in a way where you won’t cause yourself to out yourself as a vampire or a villager.  The apps simple music helps paint a story.  Sure, you won’t get the amazing story of a DnD game, but it’s 10 minutes frantic voting to try to keep yourself alive and find the monsters among you. 5/5

Instructions– The one problem I have with this game is the instruction.  A cheat sheet would help this game, and maybe a few more explicit instructions.  Sure, the game isn’t hard to play, but unless your read every detail of the book, players miss hiding marks, keeping only one mark at a time, and most players won’t always remember the mark’s functions.  Reading the rules cover to cover will get you those rules, but I think that something else might be able to get the players hitting the ground running a little faster. 4.25/5

Execution– I love chunky cardboard.  I love quick games.  And, I love the app for this game.  It’s available to almost everyone, and now even I, the ever GM for my home games, gets to play the game.  A little more volume might help, but that might be my phone’s quite nature.  I can’t gush enough about how this game is put together.  If you want to see all the pieces check out our unboxing video here: https://youtu.be/54qa9yOJ98c.  5/5

Summary-Ok, this review took longer to read then for the game to play.  If you want a fun, quick, party game for up to 10 people, go buy this game.  For about $20, you get a phenomenal game that everyone gets to play in.  This series has shown some significant changes over time, but from what I’ve seen they’ve keep the games soul while finding the improvements that are need to keep it viable.  Just go get this game! 96%

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