Daily Punch 1-10-19 Lying Corpse spell for Pathfinder Playtest

Ok ok, one more version of this spell!


Lying Corpse

Illusion Casting 10 minutes (Material, Somatic, Verbal)
Range 10 feet; Targets all targets in range
Duration 10 minutes
You cast a spell that appears to be talking corpse in all forms except you control what the corpse says. Casting this spell prevents any future casting of talking corpse with this corpse.  Any attempt to determine a false spell can be detected with a successful Religion, Occult, or Arcana check and a successful perception check.  For each target, the effects of lying corpse are based on the target’s Will saving throw.
Success The target does not believe you cast the spell correctly and does not believe the corpse’s responses.
Critical Success The target knows you cast lying corpse and disbelieves the result of the spell.
Failure The target believe anything the corpse says as per the spell talking corpse.
Critical Failure Per failure, but the target’s is immediately subjected to the failed result of the suggestion spell.

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