Daily Punch 7-7-20 Genetic Destabalizer technological item for Starfinder

How about we move the previous item to Starfinder? Let’s melt some people!

Genetic Destabilizer, Mk 1421001d41/day
Genetic Destabilizer, Mk 2893002d41/day
Genetic Destabilizer, Mk 312350003d41/day
Genetic Destabilizer, Mk 4161650005d41/day
Genetic Destabilizer, Mk 5208150006d41/day

This item is a simple black box with a touch screen on the front. You can select a creature species on the menu, and the box will emit a subspace wave out to 30 feet. Creature of the species begin to destabilize at a molecular level. Each round when a creature of that species enters or starts its turn in the area around the box, it must make a Fortitude saving throw or take sonic damage depending on the level of the item. The DC of the save is equal to 12 + half the item’s level. Each time after the first save, increase the DC by 1.


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