Daily Punch 9-15-20 EARTHGLASS.EXE technological item for Starfinder

I like the earthglass idea, so let’s hit the other systems as well.



This sleek black tablet had a series of metal, concentric rings on the back. Upon tapping the tablet and hitting the digital on button, the device will prompt the user to put it against a wall of up to five feet of ground, 1 foot of earth, or 2 inches of metal, the device will use sound waves to give a 3D picture of an area of up to 50 feet by 50 feet by 50 feet on the opposite side on the other side of the wall. A user can tap an unattended item on display and use gravity waves to pull the item toward the wall at the rate of 1 foot a round. The item will be phase shifted through the wall and will appear in front of the tablet once the item reaches the wall on the other side of the tablet.


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