Daily Punch 6-30-21 Tenser’s floating hoverdisk personal item for Starfinder

I have a Romba, so why wouldn’t my character have something similar?

Tenser’s Floating Hoverdisk

Category Personal Items
Level 5;Price 500


Not everyone can cast a spell, but with Tenser’s (R), you don’t have to! This floating droid is programmed to follow you around at a distance of 5 feet away. It can carry up to 300 lbs of material and is sized small one half foot thick floating robot. It has KAC 13 and EAC 13. and 20 hp. Off a one hour charge, it can float  following you for 24 hour. It floats off the ground at a height of five feet in standard gravity, but in zero gravity can follow you with no problem using jets in all directions.

As a bonus feature, if asked, the robot will sweep and mop an area of 20 feet by 20 feet avoiding carpets in one hour.


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