Daily Punch 3-16-22 BioReCharger cybernetic item for Starfinder

If you can take power out, why not put it back?


By spending charges of a battery, you directly infuse energy into your heart. This provides temporary hit points and a bonus to Fortitude saves for an hour while the power is running through your system. You must spend a a full battery charge.

ModelLevelPriceHit PointsFortitude Save Bonus
Mk 164,0005+1
Mk 2913,50010+2
Mk 31338,50015+3

 BioReCharger, Mk 1

Item Level 6; Price 4,000; System Heart

BioReCharger, Mk 2

Item Level 9; Price 13,500; System Heart

 BioReCharger, Mk 3

Item Level 13; Price 50,000; System Heart


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