Daily Punch Astro Attendant robot for Starfinder

I want a robot to carry my crap and pick up stuff! Let’s do this in Starfinder!

Astro Attendant
New from Abadarcorp, the Astro attendant will happily carry all your burdens into battle and will help tidy up for dinner! Using the latest and greatest voice recognition technology, you can command the Astro attendant to follow, carry, clean, or any other simple command! Astro Attendant will not attack under any circumstances, so don’t fear a hack that might strike you in the back!

Astro Attendant uses the rules for unseen servant with the exception of time, AC, and hit points as indicated. One battery can keep a astro attendant going at the cost of one charge per day.

 Astro Attendant
Level 3; Price 1,000
Bulk 10
EAC 20 KAC 20 HP 12

Astro Attendant, Gold Package
Level 6; Price 3,600
Bulk 10
23 KAC 23 HP 20

Astro Attendant, Platinum Package
Level 14; Price 60,000
Bulk 10
32 KAC 32 HP 40

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