Daily Punch 3-2-23 Fel Learning spell for Call of Cthulhu

I had an idea when I was making yesterdays post…

Fel Learning

Cost: variable magic points
Casting time: 1 hour
By opening your inner eye, the caster, a willing participant, or unwilling bound victims can learn about the sights best unseen. The caster spends as many magic points as they wish. For every two magic points spent this way, the target of the spell gains 1 point in Cthulhu mythos. In addition to the normal sanity losses, the target loses three points of sanity for every point of Cthulhu mythos gained in this way. If the target is unwilling, the cast and the victim make opposed POW rolls to cause the spell to take effect.
Alternative names: Yog-Sothoth’s blessing. akashic record recovery, learn without eyes



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