Daily Punch 5-18-23 Alchemy Storing Weapon Rune for Pathfinder 2nd Ed

Let’s hide some stuff!

Alchemy Storing (Weapon Rune) Item 13

Transmutation Magical
Price 3000 gp
Usage etched onto a melee weapon

When etched, this rune creates an extradimensional space that links to the weapon that wields it. The space can hold up to 1 Bulk but can contain any alchemical item. Stowing or retrieving an item in the space requires an Interact action, except when using the rune’s activation.

Activate  reaction, command; Trigger You hit a foe with the rune etched weapon. Effect You choose to have the alchemical item to spray onto you or your foe. If you choose you, you are subject to the alchemical items effect and it does not affect any other targets. If you choose to affect the enemy, the alchemical item affects the target as if it was hit by the object including any critical effects if weapon attack was a critical as well. Any splash effects do not effect you and instead become a cone of equal length to the space radius instead with all effects and saves as before.



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