Monday Combo 10-8-12

Epic Huntsman

Marking Master (21st level):  All enemies marked by your beast companion take a -3 to attacks not targeting the companion.

Deadly Aim (24th level):  When you hit an enemy marked by your beast companion with a range attack do an extra d8 damage for each attack that hits

Bond of the Beast (30th level):  When an attack from an enemy marked by your beast companion hit and kills you or your animal companion, once per day you and your beast can both arise at your bloodied value and make an immediate attack against the enemy that does not provoke any attacks of opportunity and your pet marks the enemy until the end of the encounter.

Strong Growl-26th level

Encounter Martial, beast

Effect:  Mark all enemies in a burst 5 until the end of your next turn

daily punch 10-3-12

Its time for more Drow fun this time, its for the clerics…

Channel Divinity-Lolth-She givith, she takeith away…

Requires:God Lolth, Channel Divinity

Choose one:

1) replicate cloud of darkness power

2)Use this power

Target a Cloud of darkness in burst 10

Divine, Implement

Wisdom vs. Will of creator

Hit: Remove the cloud of darkness, Creator is stunned (save ends)

Daily Punch 10-2-12

I think for the next little bit, lets go through small feats that will be power source specific, but add a little more of what I think each power source should/does focus on….

Quick Prayers: Feat, Choose one divine at-will attack power you know, that power gains the healing keyword and  effect: one ally you can see in burst 5 gains 3 temporary hit points.  This changes to 5 temporary hit points at 11 level and 7 temporary hit points at 21st level.

Monday Combo 10-1-12

Here’s some quick thoughts from my last LFR game:

Guarantee Success: Feat,Change duration of power from save ends to end of your next turn.

Martial Quickness:Feat, pick one martial at-will attack power you know, add effect:shift one at the before or after you make this attack

Powerful Enchantments: Feat, select one attribute for an attack, whenever you hit an enemy with a power that contains this attribute, that enemy takes a -1 penalty to any saves vs effects of that power.  You may take this feat multiple times.  When this feat is taken at different tiers, you make choose the same attribute and the penalty given by this power stacks.


Three quick feats, what do you guys think?

Daily Punch 9-28-12

More Pathfinder love this time for items-

User Curse:+1 bonus (minor necromancy), when created, choose a character; that character is the only character who can use this item at is full bonus due to magic.  Any other character who attempts to use this item is affected as if by a cursed item (choose an equivalent cursed item).  To detect this property, raise the DC to detect via Spellcraft by +10.  If the Spellcraft fails, the item’s powers are detected as additional minor evocation instead of necromancy.