Daily Punch 7-27-18 Dual Nature/Dual Solar Power operative exploit for Starfinder

A few more operative exploits for Starfinder.  Here is one to help the rogue who wants everything…



Dual Nature/Dual Solar (SP)

Prerequisite: 6th Level, Star Cutter

You gain the opposite level 1 solar manifestation of whatever you choose when you chose Star Cutter.  This second manifestation can not be increased and manifests when you active your other power.




Daily Punch 7-26-18 Sun Burn operative exploit for Starfinder

Let’s add a few more Solarian/Operative exploits to the game!


Sun Burn(SP)

prerequiste: Star Cutter

Any target that you hit with you Solar Weapon is set on fire, taking damage every turn equal to dice you roll for your solar weapon till it puts the fire out at the start of each turn.  As an example if you roll 3d6 damage, it would take 3 fire damage each turn.  This may be combined with other effects.




Daily Punch 7-20-18 Solar Rogue Operative Specialization for Starfinder

I want a rogue with a lightsaber, so her is my operative specialization for the solarian/operative.


Solar Rogue

You’ve learned the tricks of the solarian to get the job done!

Associated Skills: Stealth and Perception. You can attempt a Stealth check to make a trick attack.

Specialization Exploit: Modular Operative.

Right tool for the Right Job (Sp): At 11th level, when you awake from a full night’s rest you can choose a stellar revelation for that day equal to your  operative level and for the stellar mode you choose for Modular Operative.  You gain the ability to use that stellar revelation for the next 24 hours following all restrictions on that ability.