Daily Punch 8-6-18 Rain from the Sun Technomancer Magic Hack for Starfinder

Ok, one more technomancer/solarian hybrid for Starfinder!



Rain from the Sun (Su)

prerequisite: level 14

Once per day as a full action, you can spend 2 Resolve Points to grant all allies within 60 feet a Solar Manifestation for three rounds.  If an ally has a Solar Manifestation, they gain one point of attainment in any stellar mode they qualify for.







Daily Punch 8-3-18 Spells for your Sun Technomancer magic hack for Starfinder

Let’s make some more stuff for the technomancer/solarian!


Spells for your Sun (Su)

prerequisite:  level 11

You can spend 1 Resolve Point and one spell slot to instantly provide  3 attunement points in a solar mode any character is in as a free action.




Daily Punch 8-2-18 Spell Revelations Magic Hack for Starfinder

More technomancer/solarian magic hacks!  Let’s use some solar revelations….


Spell Revelations (Su)

prerequisite:  level 8

As part of your move action to use Gift of the Sun or Spell-Powered Sun, you can expend a second unused level spell slots to give or gain the stellar mode ability and a stellar revelation of a Solarian of your level to another ally you can touch or yourself.  When the solar manifestation ends, so this this ability.  You use your technomancer spell save DC to determine the DC of any effect, but any ally touched would determine DC using their class level and their Charisma as normal for a Solarian.

Daily Punch 3-22-18 Supercharge Armor spell for Starfinder

Let’s bring shield back the Starfinder!



School abjuration

Casting Time 1 standard action or reaction

Range touch

Targets one piece of armor

Duration see text

Saving Throw none; Spell Resistance no

You supercharge a piece of armor with a protective shield of energy.  If the spell is cast as a standard action, the armor gains a 1d6 armor bonus to EAC and KAC for 1d6 rounds.  If cast as an reaction, the armor gains +6 armor bonus to EAC and KAC for 1 round.  This may be cast as a reaction on any target within reach before an attack hits.

Daily Punch 8-18-16 Personal Network complex form for Shadowrun 5e

When you don’t got a matrix for your friends you make one!  Let’s make a complex form for all the technomancers out there!



Personal Network                                                
Target: Self • Duration:S  • FV: L – 3
When you work across the world, sometimes the matrix doesn’t come with you.  This won’t get you the same sense of being online, but it will make a matrix your friends can connect to so you can at least send messages back and forth.  Make a Simple Software + Resonance [Level] Test. For each hit you get, you can connect one device (commlink, RCC, deck, et al) to your simple matrix.  All devices connected to your personal matrix suffer no noise penalty while within your matrix’s area.  The radius of your network is equal to the level*0.25 km, centered on you..  Beyond your simple network, the noise penalty of all actions returns to normal.  This form will not alleviate any penalties you receive for not being connected to the matrix.  Uninvited devices can attack your complex form, and a mark will allow the device or icon to enter your matrix.