Daily Punch 7-19-21 Repulser Gloves weapon for Starfinder

Still obsesed with throwing a coffee cup into the head of a god at the speed of light BUT NOW IN STARFINDER!

Repulser Gloves

Repulser gloves allow even the weakest to throw common items at close to the speed of sound via gravaton particles. When a character grabs any non weapon item and activates the gloves via an attack, the item is thrown at the target.

 Repulser Gloves, Mk 1

Level 1; Price 100
Hands 1; Proficiency Basic Melee
Damage 1d4 B; Critical —
Bulk L; Special powered (capacity 20; usage 1), thrown (20 ft.)

Repulser Gloves, Mk 2

Level 10; Price 16,100
Hands 1; Proficiency Basic Melee
Damage 2d8 B; Critical —
Bulk L; Specialpowered (capacity 20; usage 1), thrown (20 ft.)

Repulser Gloves, Mk 3

Level 13; Price 52,500
Hands 1; Proficiency Basic Melee
Damage 3d10 B; Critical —
Bulk L; Special powered (capacity 20; usage 1), thrown (20 ft.)

 Repulser Gloves, Mk 4

Level 17; Price 214,850
Hands 1; Proficiency Basic Melee
Damage 5d10 B; Critical —
Bulk L; Special powered (capacity 20; usage 1), thrown (20 ft.)

Daily Punch 1-7-21 Smack Can tech item for Mutant Crawl Classics RPG

Ok, we need one more system with a can to smack an idiot!

Smack Can
Tech Level: 2 Complexity Modifier: 2
Range: 10’ radius, special
Damage: 6d10 main, 6d6 others
Special: wielder immune
Power: Self
Smack cans are highly compressed depleted uranium cans. A wielder makes a melee attack on someone instead of throwing the can. If it hits, the main target takes damage as above, but then the can explodes and hits all creatures in the area with acid-based damage except the person who swung the can.


Daily Punch 1-6-20 Shield Grenade weapon for Starfinder

Thinking about something new, and thought about a fun new toy for my players.

Grenade TypeLevelPriceRangeCapacityBulkSpecial
Grenade, shield I220020 ft.DrawnL10 feet by five feet hazy wall with 10 hit points
Grenade, shield II670020 ft.DrawnL10 feet by five feet hazy wall with 20 hit points
Grenade, shield III103,00020 ft.DrawnL10 feet by five feet hazy wall with 30 hit points
Grenade, shield IV1412,00020 ft.DrawnL10 feet by five feet hazy wall with 40 hit points
Grenade, shield IV1865,00020 ft.DrawnL10 feet by five feet hazy wall with 50 hit points

This grenade explodes into a laser wall that springs forth and provides cover and concealment and cover. the wall is 1 inch think and has hit points depending on its level. When you throw the grenade, you choose the direction where the wall will appear. The wall last for one minute or until it takes enough damage to destroy the wall.


Daily Punch 1-5-21 Caustic Can weapon for Starfinder

Now let’s make one for Starfinder!

Grenade TypeLevelPriceCapacityBulkSpecial
Caustic Can  I61,220DrawnL1d10 B main target, explode(1d6 A 10 ft)
Caustic Can II105,000DrawnL2d10 B main target, explode(1d10 A 10 ft)
Caustic Can III1421,100DrawnL4d10 B main target, explode(2d10 A 10 ft)
Caustic Can IV18108,500DrawnL6d10 B main target, explode(3d10 A 10 ft)

The caustic can is a brightly labeled can designed to be swing against a target and explode on the surrounding enemies but vent away from the attacker. As a melee attack, a character can swing the can at a target against the targets KAC. If it hits, it does the damage against the target then explodes. All creatures in range can save as normal, but the attacker is not affected by the explosion. The item is consumed if it explodes.


Daily Punch 1-12-15 Air Rifle for Shadowrun 5e

I got a present for Christmas.  No it wasn’t from Red Rider, but it was an air rifle.  Funny thing about air rifles, the Austrians used to use them to fight the Nazies.  Maybe it’s not that bad a weapon.  Here are my stats for it.


Air Rifle 5 2S or 5P 1 SS 1 BB 2 100 Y

An air rifle is not a weapon that will take down your average dragon.  However, if you aim right and know what you’re doing, you can do some serious damage.  When you make an attack with an air rifle, if you were hidden when you made the attack you are still hidden.  The weapon normally does 2S damage.  However, if your target glitches his or her dodge roll or is unaware of the attack, the damage of the weapon is 5p.