Daily Punch 1-5-21 Caustic Can weapon for Starfinder

Now let’s make one for Starfinder!

Grenade TypeLevelPriceCapacityBulkSpecial
Caustic Can  I61,220DrawnL1d10 B main target, explode(1d6 A 10 ft)
Caustic Can II105,000DrawnL2d10 B main target, explode(1d10 A 10 ft)
Caustic Can III1421,100DrawnL4d10 B main target, explode(2d10 A 10 ft)
Caustic Can IV18108,500DrawnL6d10 B main target, explode(3d10 A 10 ft)

The caustic can is a brightly labeled can designed to be swing against a target and explode on the surrounding enemies but vent away from the attacker. As a melee attack, a character can swing the can at a target against the targets KAC. If it hits, it does the damage against the target then explodes. All creatures in range can save as normal, but the attacker is not affected by the explosion. The item is consumed if it explodes.


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