Blurbs from the Booth-Throat Punch Games at GenCon 2014!

I was at GenCon 2014 last weekend.  I had a blast, so let’s go day by day and give you my thoughts.



This day was the start to the con.  I woke up, exercised, and hit the con.  I was able to see the Geek Preacher, the people at TMG, and my friends at Arcane Wonders.  Then, it was off to work.  To even go to the con (and since I love DnD), I worked for Wizards of the Coast running games of DnD 5e.  This year I was able to get an All Access table.  All Access is a GenCon program you can enroll in that gets you a guaranteed same GM for the con, access to all the adventures DnD is running at the con, and a ton of extras gifts.  This year it was a signed copy of the DnD 5th edition Player’s handbook and a Monsters Manual over a month before it’s released to the public.  My all access table was awesome, and then I ran two regular tables.  All of that was a great time, and then I hit the hay.


Friday was my short day.  I only had two tables to run today, so I woke up, exercised, and then looked for events to sign up for.  While looking around, I found an event that only had one ticket left of 500 originally.  It cost $32, and it promised swag and board games.  Not having a clue I signed up for something called AEG Big Board Game Night.  I run my two tables (having a blast) and then headed off to the Game Night-still without a clue as to what the heck it was.  What I found out was the AEG Big Board Game Night is an event where everyone comes, plays every new board and card game AEG has out, and then gets a box of random games and the latest and greatest game from AEG at GenCon.  This year, I got a copy of Doomtown, the awesome new card game about the Deadlands, the GenCon Exclusive copy of Smash Up, Romance of the Nine Empires, and Valley of the Kings.  I played a TON of games, and had a blast.  If you get a chance, sign up!  I was lucky enough to get a ticket.  Next year, I’m signing up as soon as I can.


Saturday was my long day.  I had an 8AM game, a 12 Noon game, and then a 6PM game.  I love DnD, but there wasn’t much time this day for any extra fun at the Con. It was an awesome day of games, culminating with the battle interactive.  I LOVE battle interactives.  I get a feeling of togetherness and of belonging when roughly 300~600 of my closest friends are all working toward a common goal.  My table was amazing.  I hit them as hard as I could, and they barely survived.  Afterwards, we all exchanged contact information, and I said good bye to my all access table.  They were a great bunch of people, and I forward to seeing and playing with them again.  I ran from that game to the Secret Gaming Cabal Podcast meet-up.  I love listening to this podcast, and at their meet-up they were giving away games, so why wouldn’t a board game and Podcast fan be there!  Last year, I won a copy of Pixel Lincoln, and this year I won a copy of Guile and This Town Isn’t Big Enough for the 2-4 of Us.  I wish I could have stayed longer, but I’m slowly going deaf and it was way too loud in the bar where they had the event.  I decided to grab a bit to eat then meet up with the other DnD judges to celebrate the end of a great con.


This was my day completely off.  I started like most other days.  I worked out, ate some food, and then headed to the Christian Mass at GenCon headed up by the Geek Preacher.  I’m a Roman Catholic, but this mass is the most spiritual thing I experience every year.  It’s the one mass I don’t skip out early after communion.  This is a community I WANT to be part of.  If your Christian and at GenCon, its free and an excellent use of your time.  Plus, anytime a mass mentions Dr. Who, you know it’s going to be a wild ride.  Check it out here Then I hit the main floor.  I played a bunch of Stronghold Game’s games hoping to bet a half price Voluspa for playing five games, but while I was playing my game, they sold out.  Buonocore!  I’LL GET MY COPY OF VOLUSPA ONE DAY!  AND NOW I HAVE TO BUY PANAMAX ALSO!  It was fun, but then I hit the rest of the floor and meandered around.  I saw a few friends, made a few minor purchases, and then went home.  I can’t wait till next year!


Next Year’s Geek Goals

Last year, I wrote down my geek goals.  I got some done and some I didn’t.  Let’s write down next year’s goals and this year we will add dates to help guide what I’m doing!

  • Daily posts to Throat Punch Games-That’s been going well
  • Monday board game reviews-Going well, too.
  • Wednesday RPG reviews-Again going well, and lots of fun
  • Friday opinion pieces-I’ve been ok, but I need to be better about this.
  • Fix up Throat Punch Games-Site looks like crap, so I’m going to make it look pretty-goal-October
  • Kick off a podcast-I want to get a few of my friends together to record a biweekly podcast-goal-November
  • Kick off youtube review/instructions/unboxing videos-I’d like to move into reviews on youtube, and I’m hoping to do one every three weeks-goal-January
  • Get writing more-I’ve been doing lots of reviews for my site, but I haven’t written many adventures. I’m going to submit more adventures for publication
  • A PDF of Throat Punch Games on Drive Through RPG-We’re going to make a nice PDF of all of my ideas-goal-March.
  • Post every game I play on Board Game Geek-Check my progress!
  • Daily RPG suggestions on Twitter-I love RPGs, and I ‘ve been thinking about writing ideas/suggestions for the RPGs and groups. Let’s see what Throat Punch Games can do to help the RPG world in 100 characters? Goal-one week!


So those are my goals.  What do you think?  Like what I got?  Hate what I’m doing?  You tell me!

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